Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Small World!!!

I ran into a guy at the Santorini hostel who was also traveling alone. After talking awhile we realized that his freshman year roommate was a guy I knew from high school! And my graduating class was only 130… so pretty small high school.

Later in Santorini, I was buying a gyro, the usual. (I ate so many gyro while I was in the Greek islands I’m surprised they weren’t coming out of my ears!) As I was walking in, I heard “Chrissy?”. I looked up and it took me about 30 seconds for the gears to turn and realize how I knew the two girls standing before of me. It was Jamie Winter and Lily Hoff from Steamboat Springs High School! They were both doing semester at sea! Who would have guess?!

When I didn’t think I could meet anymore people that knew my people, the rule of five strikes again! The owner of the dive shop in Mykonos got his masters certification with the person who certified me in California! They were good friends who lost contact with time so I was given a business card to pass along.

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