Monday, August 6, 2012

Ready or not, here I come!

Melbourne, I’m hereeee!! 

Wow. Weather shock! I’m in the winter again! It’s cold and rainy… I like it though : ). Nice to snuggle up inside and in the sun it’s not too bad. Now that I’m  here, it doesn’t surprise me, but before I came I didn’t  think about the huge Asian influence. Everywhere you go there’s sushi and noodle places. There are also cafés on every corner and Aussi’s are known to be coffee snobs. Soooo since I don’t have the first idea about coffee and don’t even drink it… I think I’m going to change my job plan. Instead of working at a café, I’ll hopefully fine myself behind the bar! I’ve always wanted to be a bartender, and I can’t start as a bar back because there’s no such thing here.

Since it’s so chilly here and I packed 40 degree Greek weather, I was in desperate need of a jacket! I’ve been wearing three T-shirts, a flannel, and my windbreaker everyday. Today my host’s roommate offered me a coat. She warned me before she gave it to me that it’s very dorky and she apologizes. I imagined a jacket with yellow strips, reflectors, and some red blinking lights. She brought it out of her closet and it was a black ski jacket! Whattt?! Dorky?? I where that every day when I’m in Colorado!! My winter wardrobe consists of only ski jackets! It’s pretty funny how style is very important here. She told me if I wore it out, I would be the only one, but people wouldn’t really look at me differently. In Sydney, that’s a different story. If you’re not wearing what’s ‘in’, you’re weird; end of story. I’ve heard that Sydney is pretty ‘soulless’ from multiple people. A great place to visit, but I’m very grateful I’m not living there!

The hunt for an apartment continues! I’ve looked at three places. One dump, one beautiful house with two brothers and a mom, and one that’s unfurnished. They all have their ups and downs. So far the family one is the nicest, but it’s funny how it was advertised. Two male roommates (21 & 23) and a female roommate (38), not two brothers and a mother that’s actually 44! We’ll see what else Melbourne has to offer before I make the decision.

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