Monday, July 23, 2012

A night in Paros

I decided to save some money and hop on the slow ferry from Santorini to Paros... not worth it! The ferry was cool because you were outside, but not that cool for 8 hours! Of course it was late, just like every other public transportation in Greece. I switched seats at least 25 times to find a comfy one which turned out to be impossible. Due to the high winds people were getting sick left and right! All the bathroom stalls where taken and thankfully the rocking put me to sleep instead of a sick state. 

Two nights in Paros! AWESOME! This island is a lot less touristy than Santorini. As soon as I got to the hostel (which was so chaotic with the owner and her child running around sporadically), I left to rent a scooter. My only objective was to get lost and explore the back roads. Back at the hostel, I met some Australians and my roommates. We all enjoyed a few beers on the rooftop and then hit the Dubliner. Here we had dance offs and shared stories.

The next day we hit the beach for a bit and then my friend and I went to the other side of the island to learn how to windsurf! It is SO much harder than I expected, but still a lot of fun. I went from not being able to stand on the board to being able to go forward, backwards, and turning around. I hope this isn’t my last windsurfing experience!

Off to Mykonos!

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