Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Wonderful Land of Mykonos

Hello from Mykonos with all the beautiful people!    I couch surfed here and stayed with the whole dive shop! The scuba diving shop in Paradise Beach is run by 5 guys that work together and all live together. I met them at the shop, laid out for awhile and then we when to Tropicana Club which is a whopping 10 feet away. Talk about people watching! This island is known for the  gay party scene and looking around I had no idea who was gay and who was straight; they all spend so much time trying to look good! This club was a day party so we were back at the house and out cold by midnight. The next day was just another day at the office. I took David’s (my host) scooter around the island. I explored the town of Mykonos which is VERY easy to get lost in. The downtown streets were designed to twist around and create a maze to confuse the pirates.

I almost was able to dive with the guys, but I missed the 1:00 dive and the later one was for more experience people. You have to save something for next time! I’ll just have to wait for the Great Barrier Reef to put my gear on… tough life!

That night was just one more evening at Tropicana. For these boys it’s the same old schedule just a different date. This one included some night swimming! The water here is so clear and warm. It’s unbelievable! 

I’m now on the ferry to Athens and then off to Melbourne!

Travel Tip:

Whenever you are flying out of a big city, save the site seeing for that city for the last few days of your trip. For example, I should have gone to the Greek Islands as soon as I got there and then explore Athens the couple days before I was flying out so I was already in the city. I was extremely nervous that something would happen to the ferry causing it would be more late than normal and I would miss my flight! Everything worked out well, but it was worrying that could have easily been avoided.

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