Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back in Germany!

I have found that the Germans are some of the friendliest people and are always willing to help. I’ve even had people approach me as I looked confused at the train station to ask if I needed help. Germany is also the most similar to the US and easy to relate to. The language has been the easiest for me to pick up (although I still know very little) and to understand.

This host was the most like Keegan and I. He was fun, enthusiastic, and very friendly. He picked us up at the train station and we headed to the Tallest Man on Earth concert. This is a singer/songwriter we knew from the states and it just so happens that our host, Pascal, likes he a lot and won free tickets! It was a great outdoor concert.

Munich is such a green city with huge parks and trees everywhere. Our host brought us around the city and even though he had only been in Bolvaria since April, he did a great job showing us the famous sites. One of the coolest scenes was the endless wave. Ever day, rain or shine, surfers come to show off their skill on the river wave under the bridge. Famous surfers like Kelly Slator have even surfed in Munich. We drifted through the English Gardens and passed by the groups of people laying out. On one side people are clothed and on the other, people are naked. It was quite hilarious to see a nude area in the dead center of the city! We got lunch at the beer garden and Keegan enjoyed his first liter beer while we had our first currywurst.

After dinner we met up with Marilyn and were off to Augsburg to meet her great aunt and uncle. It was nice to get out of the city and to stay in one place and chill. We were only here for two nights, but it was a wonderful break and now I’m ready to rock and roll! Our first dinner was the classic weisswurst with pretzels and sweet mustard.

After running some errands in the morning we saddled up our bikes and enjoyed the beautiful ride to the lake! It was about a 20 minute bike ride where we bike through fields with a great view of the German country side. The lake was crystal clear and had a wake boarding/water skiing line on one side. This was an interesting system. It was a pulley in a large circle that pulled wakeboards around and off jumps. A lot more environmentally friendly and less space was needed than with a boat. For dinner we had broad leaf garlic sauce on pasta and enjoyed the cool evening on the balcony.

Travel Tip # 5:
Always research the city you are going to… at least a little bit. If you read about it on Wikipedia, the sites will be a lot more interesting and cool than if you just see them with no background. The coolest sites to see are ones that you have read about in novels. So, if you have time to plan, start a book before your travels that takes place in where you are going.

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