Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chrissy, Marilyn, and Franzi back in action!

The three musketeers reunited in Nuremberg. Franzi, Marilyn, and I were ready to destroy the town.  We had a wonderful time filled with many laughs. It was nice to relax and stay in one place for a few days. Franzi had school on Wednesday so Marilyn and I bought almost everything in LUSH and got face masks. We then brought our shopping frenzy to Birkenstocks and each got a pair. They are half the price in Germany! We enjoyed the classic Nuremberg Bratwurst while reminiscing. The next day we were went with Franzi to school and enjoyed a bottle of wine in the park while she was studiously in class. On Thursday night, we hit the town and met loads of people from all over the country. We danced until the sun rose! 

I am so lucky to have found such great friends as these two girls! : ) For now, I have their travel buddies with me (two owls). Until next time girls! 

Travel Tip:

Before your travels, get a fake student id from an European college or at least get an id that says your under 18. This will save you A LOT  of money!

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