Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye South Island

Day 7 (1st)

This was our last day in South Island. We meandered through the town and went to the Saturday market until David finished bungee jumping and Andrew finished fishing (classic dad sport!). Pete was staying in Queenstown for 10 more days so we all said our goodbyes.


On our way home we hit Wanaka for a coffee, the view, and then Puzzle World! Soooo cool!
We didn’t have time to do the human maze, but did hit the illusion room. There were 3D pictures that changed, faces that followed you, and rooms that made you look small in one corner and big in another. We also saw a ball fall uphill, and water run upwards!

Puzzle World!

Me falling uphill

We drove to Christchurch and got in around midnight. I had the folks drop me off at the airport for my 6 am flight. I yi yi, another longggg night!

Overall, life is good. It’s great meeting new people left and right. Sometimes I’m ready to go back and sometimes I feel like the traveling adventures are just starting. My feelings go back and forth. I love traveling, but it’s still going to be amazing to see those familiar faces from home  : )

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