Friday, December 28, 2012

A Choir full Baaahh's

Day 5 (29th)
The drive to Milford Sound is windy as can be. It’s filled with 20 kph turns and few hairpins thrown in as well. You must drive over a pass and through a tunnel. It rains on average 221 days out of the year in Milford Sound so as soon as you pass through the tunnel you can bet yourself it’s going to be raining. We hopped on a boat to get the full experience. I even made friends with the skipper and so I had a house seat while bouncing Kiwi jokes off each other. 



On our way out of Milford Sound we had to stop on the far side of the tunnel because Daniela had never touched snow! Whattttt?!?!? We hiked/boulder hopped up to a snowy patch and the two boys and I continued to the base of a waterfall. At this time the sun came out. We were standing where the water met the snow, glazing over the valley, and being awed by the double rainbow formed by the waterfall… what more could you ask for! We skied (with our shoes) our way down to the bottom successfully drenching every inches of clothing we had on. 

 We drove south to Manapouri and ended up camping at Watuga Wetlands. First thing we did was hiked to the river. On our way, we passed through many sheep fields and a single person bridge. We passed a fisherman and got the inside scoop of how great the fly fishing was. That night Pete and I decided to test our luck by going cow tipping. The cows were in the same field as the sheep so as soon as we got close there was a choir full of baahhh’s. This along with clouds covering moon made it quite challenging. Even with odds against us, we managed to tip the biggest, badest cow out there. Ha, yaaa right! We didn’t even make it close, but that’s not what we told the rest of the campers ; ). The clouds cleared so we ended the glorious night star gazing and staring at the full moon.
Sheep butts!

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