Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Unbelievable Sight!

Day 4 (28th)
We woke up at a decent hour for today was the day to hiked to the top of gondi. I have fallen in love with Queenstown. It is a lovely mix of Telluride and Lake Tahoe. There are ski resorts all around the city and a gondola for biking/hiking/the view. We trenched upwards for a good hour and were then rewarded with a breathtaking sight.

Before leaving town in search of Te Anau we stopped at the famous Fergburger. Anyone who has gone through Queenstown knows of Fergburger. The burgers are huge, about the size of your spread hand! The buns are freshly made and all the toppings taste like they were cut from the garden that morning.

We were on our way to Milford Sound, but the road is closed from 6pm until 7am so we had to camp just outside Te Anau. After finding a free campground, we played cards and were out for the night.

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