Saturday, November 3, 2012

One last B-E-A-U-TIFUL day!!

Day 7 (Saturday)

GOOD MORNING!! Our last gorgeous day on the trip! We causally got up, had breakfast and took the hippie camper 20 km south to get our daily dose of surfing. This was our last day with the boards because we were selling them to a surfer we met yesterday. The beach was at low tide and was covered with washed up jellyfish. Oh geez, that made me a little nervous, especially because every once in awhile the jelly wouldn’t be the plain, clear one but bright blue! The blue bottles aren’t poisonous but hurt like a bitch… or so I’ve been told. Everyone was in their wetty so I asked a local if they were swimming with the wetsuit for the temperature or to protect again the jellies. Thank goodness it was just for temperature so we were good to go out! Anddd, it wasn’t even that cold! We surfed for a few hours and headed in for lunch. 

After lunch we drove back to Byron, shopped a little, and waited for the guy to buy our boards. I bought a present for Marilyn, some postcards, and Cole got some cheesy souvioeners including a bright red Hawaiian shirt!  He loved it so much that he ended up keeping it himself and will forever look like a tourist! The buyer called and we got our 3 hundo in cash. The guy who bought them was a good bloke and a great surfer. We sold them for exactly what we bought them for! This surfboard deal worked out great. We bought them from a guy who didn’t surf, we made use of them all week, sold them to a good owner who will take them out, and broke even with the cash.

That night we repeated our routine of dinner and a show. We had some downtime in the camper until about nine o’clock when we decided we should head back to the big city of Brisbane. We drove our last drive through the night. In Brisy, we found the location of the rental shop and camped a block away in a neighborhood. It was sad to see our trip over, but it was also good to be going home.

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