Sunday, November 11, 2012

Have you seen Sydney?? Nooo the place, not the person!

Well… It was cool. Naw, it was actually better than cool (just not as good as Melbourne though ; ) ) It was good to see the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. The Harbor Bridge was a beautifully done and the Opera house was very neat to see even though it’s actually egg-shell colored, not white! You can tell it was built in the 70’s or 80’s.

We walked from Coogee to Bondi Beach during an art festival. Every turn we took a new modern piece of artwork was staring us in the eye. My favorite was of a guy in a wet suit with a grocery bag over his head. There were a couple empty bottles and some flowers behind him. When some the guys hanging out behind it would say.. ok now. The statue (really a guy dressed up) would jump out and yell. It scared so many people, and was great entertainment! Boys will always be boys and every opportunity they get to fool someone, they will take advantage of it! Bondi was cool, but very very crowded. 

We were finally able to eat some Mexican food! We were only there for three nights and had burritos twice! Since we’ve been in Australia it’s been a struggle to even find salsa in the grocery store. Sydney was booming with burrito joints so of course we had to get our fix. Other than that, we had the classic fish and chips, Thai food, and a lot of gelato! Gelato is very popular in Sydney!

We stayed with a friend of Cole’s. He grew up in Huntington Beach where he did junior life guards. This is where Devyn comes into play. They were both junior life guards together and have been friends ever since. She is now studying abroad in Sydney. Devyn and her friend from Colorado, Justine, showed us the city. They were both very nice and generous. So all in all, there was Cole, Kevin, Logan, Devyn, Justine, and myself. That is 3 guys and 3 guys which is the perfect number from Friends. We fit each character with each person. I can’t decide whether I’m happy or bummed about it, but I was immediately dubbed as Phoebe.

 (Our friend Kate joined us on this one. From the left it goes Kate, Justine, Myself, Kevin, Cole, Logan, and Devyn)

Our home is Melbourne and  we have now visited Brisbane and Sydney. Melbourne is all the hipsters, Brisbane is once again, the 90’s grunge rock, and Sydney is the fancy schmancy center of Australia. Everyone is dressed really nice and walks around with a stick up their ass. OK, it’s not THAT bad, but they aren’t as friendly as the other two cities. Let’s just say, Sydney was awesome to visit, but I’m glad I live in Melbourne. If it were between Brisbane and Sydney, I’d still probably choose Melbourne. Haha but really I think Brisy is better than Sydney too. I must take it into consideration that I never got to explore the Blue Mountains, which I heard were beautiful, but the city itself just didn’t amuse me. All you can say is, different stokes for different folks! 

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