Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I apologize for the delay, but here's some more of EAR... and there will still be more to come!

Day 4 (Wednesday)

We woke in the morning with a delightful surprise of not being ticketed for overnight parking in the park. We drove into the town of Agnes and had our first surf sess. SO MUCH FUN! No wetty, nothing; Just us, our boards, and the waves. I loved it! I named my board (6’ 10”) Bernice. She was a lot of fun and the perfect size… not a long board but a long short board. By noon we were back on the road Noosa Heads bound.

Just before sunset, we drove into  the town of Noosa. Cole was driving like a mad man in a hurry to get to the beach. I thought it was because he was so excited to surf, but really he just had to pee very badly. We pulled up in the parking lot, dropped our clothes, grabbed the boards and hit the waters. We only had about 45 minutes of surfing, but it was so worth it! Sunset surfing is hands down the best. It’s absolutely beautiful!

After checking out our options of hostels (we camped in their parking lots), we settled with the  one closest to the beach. Cole was exhausted so he hit the sack pretty early. I, on the other hand, met some friends at the hostel and then hit a bar. I trampled in with a crew of about 10. The bar wasn’t packed at all… actually pretty empty, but it was filled with fun people. We danced the night away. After dancing was over, myself, a friend, and the bar tender continued our adventures at the beach working on our moon tans. We frolicked with the waves and then went pool hopping through all the beach front hotels. It wasn’t until 5 am when I scrambled back into the camper.

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