Friday, September 7, 2012

The land of Oz bucket list!

  1. steal a kangaroo
  2. challenge the previously mentioned kangaroo to a boxing match
  3. See a real tasmanian devil (in Tasmania?)... DONE!
  4. hug a koala
  5. go streaking/skinny dipping in the ocean!
  6. get good at surfing
  7. go to Cookie
  8. Eureka tower
  9. Eat dumplings in China Town.. DONE!

 10.  Lorne, Torquay... DONE!

11. Queen Victoria Market... DONE!

12.Ghost tour                                                                                       
13.Great Ocean Road to Adelaide and see the 12 Apostles
14.Espy in St. Kilda
15.The Black Pearl in Fitzroy
16.Bar Open in Fitzroy
17.Street Art Tours
18. Hosier Lane... DONE!

19.Afl games... DONE!

20.Go to Sydney
21.Dive the Great Barrier
23.Go to Harvest Music Festival
24.See the Paper Kites in concert
25.think of more things to put on here...

Animal wise, so far I have:
pet 2 wallaby (licked by one), pet a possum (which are a lot cuter here than in the states), held 2 snakes, held a wombat (heavy little guy!), touched an alligator, flipped a long neck turtle on its back, seen wild cockatoos, and had a mouse run over my foot!

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