Saturday, August 12, 2017


Ahhh the wonderful world of Quito where the cars creep uphill and the artists paint the streets. I traveled VIP here as I stayed with Liza Darlington and her boyfriend Emerson. They showed me the Quito way and did all the talking. Not very many people on the streets speak English, and it would be very difficult to see all I saw without them. Additionally, Liza drove me to few spots and boy did we make a good team. She drove while I navigated.

Day 1: We had a wonderful brunch and then wondered around Old Town. After a little cat nap, Emerson lead a walking tour through Guapulo and La Floresta. Both neighborhoods are artist communities and have gorgeous little bars that were lit up at night. The streets are colorful as every house is a different color and murals dance along fences, parks, and homes.  We eat some wonderful street food for $2 a plate, and then ended the night at a hip bar drinking ginger blonde ales.

Day 2: Liza and I adventured out to Papallacta which are famous for their hot springs and trout. We hiked through a secrete garden-esk trail along a creek. There were air plants everywhere! I’ve never seen them grow I’m the wild.  On our way home, the misty skies clears and the snow capped volcano appear over the mountains the surround Quito.  As banked around s turn, you could see all the beautifully painted houses on the hills of Quito. It was so picturesque. It was great to get to know Liza as an adult. We really only speak much time together when we were little and no we were relearning who each other became. However there is a since of belong when you meet up with a childhood friend. You understand each other a little more than someone you’ve met at an older age.

Day 3: We woke up bright and early at the crack of 8 am and set out to see Quito from above. We took the gondola up and overlooked the long, dense city. After our mini hike at the top, we wentdowm and headed over to Guapulo for the artist open house workshops. It was very near to see everyone’s work on display and to wonder through the local homes. There were beautiful views of the valley.

Liza organized a cab for me and off I was to the bus station.  I’ve left my crutches and now its time to learn Spanish! I’m currently the only Ginga on the bus to Lago Agrio, where I start my trek into the Amazon. These are definitely when I wish I had a travel buddy but its good to practice time alone. I’m alert, anxious, and ready for everyone to try to take advantage of me. Its funny how I have so much more confidence in San Francisco. Well, they always say fake it until you make it! I’m faking as well as I can!

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