Thursday, March 6, 2014

I've got Krabi in my pants!

Unlike common belief, Krabi is not pronounced like the red crustacean with claws, it's pronounced as G(k)-rabi.

It’s a shame when places get overexposed, tourist run, and lose their character. In 20 years some places change so much that they are unrecognizable. This is exactly what has happened to Krabi and Koh Phi Phi. They both started as quant, beach towns and have turned into worldwide couples retreat destinations. You know it’s bad when it is difficult to find authentic Thai food in Thailand! There are more resorts than year-round residents.

Even with all of this, we all had a good time. Releigh Beach is a short longtail boat ride away from Krabi and is gorgeous. Each one of us took our turn getting massages on the beach. In Koh Phi Phi we went scuba diving and saw turtles, box fish, trumpet fish, parrot fish, and many other creatures under the sea. Suzie jumped out of her comfort zone and dove for the first time! Best put by Suzie, “The first dive was a little scary, but the second dive makes you addicted!” I’m stoked we saw each other on the other side!


This was the last stop for Mom’s travel express. She’s heading back to the States and Suzie and I are continuing to discover the Thai islands!

Koh Phi Phi by day.

Koh Phi Phi by night.

And don't worry mom and dad, we did not jump the jump rope of fire. No comment on the ring or limbo of fire...

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