Wednesday, February 5, 2014

To Hue we go!

Person 1: To Hue (pronounced “way”)?

Person 2: No, no, only one way! We go to Hue!

Person 1: Yes, to Hue.

Person 2: No way!! We find other way to Hue.

Yes, yes as sad as it may be, this conversation did occur. Hue, pronounced “way” was the border between the old North and South Viet Nam. The first night we were in the city, we stumbled upon a roof-top restaurant. At the Moonlight Hotel, we ate a delicious meal with the best view in town! We not only overlooked the city, but also the Perfume River.

On day two, we took the time to discover the Forbidden City!


A lot of the Forbidden City had to be renovated/put back together after the war. So it was pretty rare to find original walls, tile work, and roofs.

On our walk home we found a hole-in-the-wall salon. They gave us full body massages, including walking on our backs, for only $6 each. Before it was my turn I needed to use the lady’s room. One of the workers was so enthusiastic about taking me she stopped massaging my mom mid-stoke and grabbed my hand. To find a restroom we had to go across the street to the preschool. I’ve never seen a local be so careful crossing the street. She was more careful than I would have been on my own! I guess she figured she didn’t want to kill a paying customer! The owner of the preschool, an older gentleman, was very inviting, and he showed me (and the masseuse still holding my hand) upstairs to the bathroom. Thankfully the masseuse didn’t feel obligate to escort me all the way to the toilet. Not to my surprise, there was no toilet paper so I did the 1-2 shake. As we descended the stairs, the older gentleman was running up the stairs holding a roll of toilet paper saying “wait, wait”. I explained I had already gone, and we laughed it off. I don’t know if it was my blonde hair or what, but I’ve never had people so excited to help me to the lady’s room. It was quite the experience!

Tomorrow we leave bright and early for Hoi An!

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