Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bangkok, the city of Toyota

As of now, I’m sitting in my hotel with no electricity. That means, no lights, no hot water, and no internet. As I stand here questioned, everyone goes on with life like nothing happened. Later, we found out that there was a fire close by and the electricity was shut off to the whole building. As we drove to the airport we saw the devastating site. A seen I hope to not see again.

Aside from the fire, so far things have been great! We got in to Bangkok around midnight so as soon as our head hit the pillow, we were out! It was actually nice to have a day flight because when it was night time in Thailand all we could do is surrender to sleep! Which meant wahooo! No jetlag!

We spent our first day aboard scrambling through the train system on our way to the Myanmar Embassy. After a few hours of frantically filling out forms, waiting in line, asking questions, and making sure we have enough cash, we walked out with visas until April!

The rest of the day was filled with coffee shops and a visit to a small monastery. A monk was kind enough to show us around the temple as long as we took our shoes off. As night approached, somehow we got sucked in to the biggest tourist market of all, Asiatique! We hopped out of there as quickly as we got there.

Dinner at the Shangri La Hotel was extravagant and delicious! I’ve never had service wait on me to such an extent! They did everything from put the napkin in your lap to wipe your ass..orted silverware! It was a beautiful way to celebrate my Dad’s birthday!
The only cars and trucks I've seen are Toyotas which makes since because Japan is so close. I can't wait until we take tuk tuk, the local taxis which look like motorized rickshaws!
Off to Vietnam! We'll see you in a couple of weeks Thailand!


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