Saturday, June 30, 2012

Allo from Berlin!

The flight went well, but due to Air Force 1, we were an hour late. I flew into Berlin, hitchhiked to a train station and then had to ask three different  people how to get to Hauptbahnhof where I frantically searched for Keegan. We just nearly cross paths many times;he was bobbing and  I was weaving, but we finally met up and were off to the couchsurfers!

It just so happens that we were staying with the best tour guide in Berlin. He brought us to all the sites: the government building, Check point Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, and many more. We timed our tour just right and got stuck in a downpour. Raphael (the cs host) was so adamant about showing us the city, we were running from covering  to covering and stopped at metro stops just to glance out, take a picture of a site, and then to the next. At the end of the tour, we found ourselves soaked under a bridge with a sax player. 

After 11 hours of sleep Keegan and I got an early start at about 2 or 3 pm. I am now an official European because I now have a phone +49 151 17956462 if you ever need to contact me! 

Our last night in Berlin was the night of the big Italy vs Germany football match. The streets were electrified with excited people. All the homeless were having a field way with the empty bottles. One million people gathered in the street to watch the match.
I’m writing to you from the bus on our way to Prague! BEAUTIFUL country side!

Travel tip #1: Other than flights, don’t reserve travel modes before getting to the city. We saved 80 euros by getting tickets at the bus station instead of reserving the train online or the bus online. Ride share is also a great website and normally only cost 20 euro and a conversation or two!

P.S. Food is so cheap and beer is only 60 cents! Anddd you can drink in the streets! Mom, dad, why didn’t we grow up here?!?! I’m in heaven : p

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